Helvetian star

Great Swiss Mountain Dog Kennel

It is in the eyes of ‘Swissy’, where you will find endless love, trust, loyalty and undoubtful happiness coming solely from the fact that you are close to him.

About us

Love is born of desire

What makes a family living in a city, busy between work, picking up a 6-year-old from a kindergarten and overwhelmed with everyday responsibilities, decide to own a dog? Are those childhood memories? (I had a Husky in my family house – my husband had a Rottweiler.) Is this the perspective of changing lifestyle (long walks, less tablet, and TV)? Is it perhaps the desire to make the house even more of The Home? Because when a great, warm and loyal, furred creature lives in it, you gain a friend who can be entrusted with any secret. Or maybe it is a promise of family excursions to the park, or to the mountains, which will make the family become a family in the full sense of the word. Or maybe a thousand other unspoken desires…?

For us, a little bit of all these things. And so, our love Mailo started to live with us – first a puppy, for whom we decided to move to the countryside. Now 65 kilograms of sweetness. After a dozen or so months, Cassi joined us, our ‘Bohemian princess’…

Our quadrupeds give us everything we expected: love, faithfulness and lots of fun!


Our kiddies, as we call them, are presented at national and international exhibitions, in Poland and abroad, and each of the exhibitions is a unique experience and emotions that often give us a lot of reasons to be proud. Let us warmly invite you to take a look at the coverage of the exhibitions in the News section.

Shiragon FCI
Interchampion (C.I.B) & Multichampion:
JCh.Poland; Ch.Poland; Gr.Ch.Poland;
Ch.Denmark; Ch.Sweden; Ch.Russia;
PL Winner’18; Copehagen Winner’18
Club Winner’19


Our Champions FCI
Junior Ch.Poland; Ch.Poland
Junior Poland Winner’18
Junior Copenhagen Winner’18



FCI nr 58


straight and strong feet, long and tight-knit toes


quite thick, reaches the hock


the black color with brown and red tan and symmetrical pure white markings


elongated, straight and strong


medium-sized, triangular, usually set high


brown, almond shaped, medium-sized, with a friendly look


proportional to torso but not heavy


slightly marked


strong, longer than deeper, viewed from above or from the side can’t be pointed


wide and rather deep, the forechest also wide, the belly slightly tucked up


at every pace – effortless and harmonious

Great Swiss

Mountain Dog